Sunday, November 21, 2010

A friend of the flowers~

. .. . . . float*~ .. . .

Today a flower
Came into my universe
White like the night

* * *

(11/21/2010 : Today adds up to 8!)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day of Birth*~

Thank you everyone for making my birthday such a beautiful day. I am a thankful being !

* * *

(read about the image!)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Love the Earth Film!

I know it's been FOREVER since my last post. I bet if I were to map out my blog posting record, it'd make a star pattern : clusters of highly active periods and lots of black space in between. . . . . . ^_^ BUT NEVER MIND, I HAVE EXCITING NEWS!!!

I never shared this with very many people, but about a month ago I was notified that some footage I submitted in August had been short-listed for a music/film project that Imogen Heap has been working on called
Love the Earth.

Here's an excerpt from Imogen's letter to the world back when she was asking for footage:
Hello you!
I’m so excited about what I’m writing to you about, I can hardly type!
As some of you know already, I’m doing a big gig at the Royal Albert Hall this November 5th. When I was a kid I dreamed of premiering my first orchestral score there and this year I am going to make it happen.
The ‘opening act’ will be yours truly, conducting a piece I’ll have written with a dream team orchestra of friends and fans (will tell you about that later), accompanying a nature film projected on a screen, which hopefully you are going to inspire and bring to life!
The footage will all come from you and we will piece it all together into a magical film.
I want the audience to walk out during the interval literally bursting with a fresh love and empathy for our planet. The plan is then for our film to tour the globe virtually and physically. In cinemas and homes, on laptops and phones, for everyone to enjoy.

The Royal Albert Hall event will be streamed so everyone gets to see the film and hear the live orchestral score at the same time on the 5th November (THIS FRIDAY!).
This is the project that I have become a part of... how cool is that?!?!?

If you haven't already done so, watch the video up there (^^^) to get a feel for the grand scale of her ideas and *biiig* heart. To read more a
bout it, go to!

And in case you're interested, here's the clip that was selected (fullscreen view is the best) *** photographs of Snow like Stars in the Night. . . . . . . .

I am beyond excited!* :)
And I'm gonna try to blog more often again...!