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Friday, October 9, 2009


This is "Filo." It's what my painting professor Lorenzo Pezzatini does. This is his art.
Covering filo (thread) with paint, touching paint to paint, recognizing paint as matter and creating something extremely tactile that can be approached by the viewer in so many more ways that just standing in front of a canvas. The above photo is just an extremely close up shot of a thread which could be 100s of meters long. . . You begin to realize that each little "spike" is unique. He only uses the primary colors : blue , yellow , & red (always in that order). To hold it in my hands was a little joy, like a bunch of happiness tickling my skin... you'd have to feel it in your own hands to understand.

THE STORY BEHIND THE SHOES: I was given these old shoes just last weekend. I picked them out of a box of about 10 pairs. They once belonged to a woman who bought them in a vintage shop in Los Angeles...what a small world! This happened within just 3 days of me learning what "FILO" was. . . I didn't choose them because of Filo, but because they were one of the only pairs that fit me. I wore them to class the next Monday and needless to say, Lorenzo noticed immediately!! !

The more I live, the more I'm convinced that
nothing happens by coincidence.

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