Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It is possible that it will be snowing my last two days here !!!!!!!!
Che magico!! **

* * *
The night before I found this magical news out, I read the first page of a novel by Maxence Fermine titled Neve. Neve means "snow." People are doubting me, but I know it will snow! I believe it will happen. . .

Vento invernale
Un monaco scinto
Cammina nel bosco
~ Issa

deja blue

La neve รจ una poesia. Una poesia che cade dalle nuvole in fiocchi bianchi e leggeri. Questa poesia arriva dalle labra del cielo, dalla mano di Dio.

(The snow is a poem. A poem that falls from the clouds in weightless white flakes. This poem arrives from the lips of the sky, from the hand of God.)

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  1. enjoy your last day there!
    can't wait to see you at duke!