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Friday, February 26, 2010

Meet Inkiko *(^.^)* !!

Hi, Inkiko!
This is my new Japanese cat friend! Isn't he just adorable?!! I named him Inkiko because it looks like he's got a little inkblot on his's like a hybrid English-Japanese name that can be said in a really cute voice! ... "Inkiko! Inkiko!" ... He's a miniature "Maneki Neko" that I bought at the Grand Asia Market about 20 minutes away... I love Inkiko because I'm not allergic to him and when I pick him up he makes me speak gibberish because he's just so darn cuuuuute !!! ^.^

Meet Inkiko !!

Traditionally, "Lucky Cats" like these are meant to bring money and fortune. That's why his right paw's up in the air. But Inkiko just sits next to my bed with that cute little smile and the world is okay. :)

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