Sunday, August 28, 2011

Still Point ~ Duke Out of the Blue * * *

New music from ~Duke Out of the Blue~~~ the all-female a cappella group that I've been a member of for four years. Our new album titled Still Point releases Sunday, August 28 (TODAY!), featuring a variety of covers, as well as my first original composition for voice, titled......

It is now available for physical purchase and on iTunes, but the perks of purchasing a physical copy are that you will receive a digipak with six panels full of artwork & love & stardust (designed by yours truly)... not to mention two years' worth of hard work, friendship, and funky syllables manifested into 11 beautifully crafted songs. Here's a 1:50 preview from the song I wrote and arranged for voice~~~~~~~ Please Enjoy~!*

* * take a listen * *

• for your *best* listening experience, use headphones or really good speakers
• more song samples

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