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Monday, November 23, 2009

Book Arts ~ "L'arte del libro"

Have I told you that I am learning how to make books? Yes. As in, fabricate a book from scratch. Each piece of paper must be cut down to the size you want, even the board to make hard covers. All you really need aside from paper & hard board is a ruler, a razor, a cutting board, a "bone" tool for folding, an awl for poking holes, glue, needles, and thread. The possibilities are endless.

I started with these little guys. Very simple. A heavy-ish paper (Canson) + computer weight paper + thread! Comes out like a little pamphlet. I made an extra one for fun. He's green and I use him for taking notes in Italian class. (Capisci l'italiano?)
simple pamphlet stitch journals

This is a sketchbook I made toward the beginning of the semester. It's called an accordion book, as the paper folds back and an accordion! (There is a man who regularly plays the accordion on my street!) I've realized that accordion structures can easily become sculpture too. ^.^
sketchbook : accordion style
book as sculpture

...and my personal favorite so far... the *Japanese* binding! I made the hardcover case as well as the pink/yellow/blue papers myself.

(more photos on my flickr*)