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Thursday, November 12, 2009

il vento (the wind)

Vorrei imparare dal vento a respirare,
I want to learn from the wind how to breathe . . .

dalla pioggia a cadere,
from the rain how to fall . . .

dalla corrente a portare le cose dove non vogliono andare
from the currents how to carry the things where they don't want to go . . .

e avere la pazienza della onde di andare e venire,
ricominciare a fluire . . .

and to have the patience of the waves that come and go,
to begin to flow again. . .
il vento
I found these lovely tree*spirits in Fiesole. Doesn't it look like they are dancing with each other? They ARE. :)


  1. you're amazing. whose lyrics are those?

  2. it's called "Imparare dal Vento" (learn from the wind). they are an italian band called tiromancino*
    the first time i heard it, i wanted to cry.