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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Purkinje Cells, Brains, & ...TREES !

I still can't help thinking about the millions of connections between the human body and nature...Our brains and our veins especially. . . Maybe it's because I stopped taking "science" classes a long time ago, but all I see when I flip through an Atlas of the Human Body is TREES and RIVERS everywhere. And occasionally if I love what I see tremendously, I reproduce it in my sketchbook, like this little foot * !


These are Purkinje cells : one of the coolest discoveries of my semester. Every single one of us has these inside our heads... ! They are some of the largest cells in the brain and they are many in number AND THEY LOOK EXACTLY LIKE LITTLE TREES!! So essentially we have a forest, all of us, inside our heads. A forest with millions (billions?trillions?) of connections, just sitting there talking to each other !

Sometimes I wonder if people who are studying science start taking for granted the beauty of veins and brain cells and lymph vessels... but that's silly of me, isn't it? Art and science shouldn't be separated !! The artist and the scientist are one and the same. :)

one last thought:
If our brains cells are like trees... then maybe trees are also like brain cells. The brain cells of the earth perhaps? What goes on between the branches of neighboring trees? I've always loved the idea that the trees could communicate with each other and that if you listened carefully, you just might be able to understand them. . . * **

I feel happy when I think about the trees in this way.


Brains & Veins

P.S. That first image of the rivers came from this AWESOME website:
Check it out & be amazed !

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