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Thursday, June 10, 2010

simple words & memories

Do you ever look back at things you've done in the past? A half-finished drawing, a sketch of words across a page, a miniature backpack made out of felt, a wrinkled photograph... sight sparks our memory, but the memories themselves are foggy because it's almost too easy. An image will do most of the work for you, because it's just there in front of you eyes. Smell is a different animal. It's like finding an old hatbox, gently blowing off the dust and opening it . .. . an invisible trail rises up through your nostrils and suddenly you're transported somewhere else, months or years ago, ... for a moment you feel exactly like you did 10, 20, 30 years ago ... you hear the music, laughter, dance, *spark*spark*spark -- then it's gone. Smell is a time machine. Crisp and clear, memories so distilled that it can be alarming.

I like the subtlety that old words bring about. Soft pulses . . . quiet heartbeats rather than loud and vivid sparks. Sometimes my memory isn't in the mood to remember the obvious, huge gestures...the milestone events. Sometimes it's the tiniest most insignificant thing that makes me really stop and smile. Go someplace quiet in myself , sit , and remember .
little leaves
Warm green tea on the first day of spring ~~

unlight tumbling through the window .

. The moment when you see a smile before it happens,
that tiny lifting of a corner and deepening of the eyes...

A hummingbird - stopped for an ounce of a second - right before your eyes

. . What seemed like an eternity . . .

. . .


i found the following poem i wrote 2 years ago & immediately, little corners started lifting up
somewhere deep inside me ... somewhere deep inside me, something smiled.

* * *

July 1, 2008 ~ *

"one & all"

i once knew a man with a song in his heart
his words would shake the trees and twinkles lived in the shadows of his azure eyes

i once knew a girl with a heart like the sea
she wore the moon in her hair and the wind would wrap itself around her shoulders

he was beautiful.
she was beautiful.

they were one & all at the same time.


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