Wednesday, August 5, 2009

a good moment.

The happiest I've felt since I got home (after seeing my family of course) is when I got into a taxicab. The driver's name was Ali, and at once I exclaimed something about Ali back in Arusha, Tanzania. My favorite taxi driver in all of Arusha was by far Ali. He spoke close to no English, so I learned much of my Kiswahili from talking to him. He was always teaching me new words and always good-natured and fun to drive with. One time, I was in a rush since I had made him wait outside, so I hurried into the car, shutting the door on my skirt and it was just this hilarious moment because he looked sincerely perplexed as to why I was hurrying and getting my skirt all caught and said "Ooooh, pole pole!" (Slowly, slowly!) --- Wow, I get so sidetracked. Always! Anywho, after ranting about the name Ali, I asked him where he was from and he said Somalia. . . WHERE MOHAMED'S FAMILY IS FROM! I about died, spat out the two phrases I know in Somali and he was floored. He also told me he had lived in Kenya, at which point I about flew out of the car with the ecstatic realization that he spoke Kiswahili "UNASEMAJE KISWAHILI!?!" AND WE HAD A CONVERSATION. My entire face was a smile as we chattered, and I asked him if he could pick me up in a couple hours since I wasn't familiar with the city. When I called him, I used some Kiswahili as well and it was just like I was back in Arusha :)

card for ali
My thank you note to Ali + signature cartoons. ^__^

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