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Sunday, August 2, 2009

( s h a d o w s )

b o k e h
I enjoy watching shadows. Shadows, cast from light. There can be no shadow without light, no? Playing with shadows... bigger, smaller, this shape, that shape. Playing with the shadow is less dangerous than the real thing. . . like fire. And people. . . Sometimes I just need to be alone ~ space ~ where I can be still, speaking no words, to just sit, stand, walk, think, breathe, look, see, imagine.
Today I was thinking about constellations. *** I was standing there underneath the bright breaths of light, just looking... captivated. Not grouping or identifying any clusters, just looking, seeing, gazing . . . I was asking myself why we must always try to define forms, shapes, make sense of things...dissect parts from the whole!! I have always had a real fascination for the sky, especially at night, but for some reason whenever I open up a star-gazing book or astronomy text, I get bored. I get bored of looking at all the maps and graphs of the sky... so flat and static... so plain and emotionless. When I behold the true sky above me, sometimes I tremble, my heart beats a breeze faster, my breathing slows down and wakes me from passive existence, the slumber of everyday life. . . I feel the same way about maps... geography... perfect lines indicating borders. This is California, this is Michigan. This is Tanzania, this is Ethiopia. This is Europe, this is Asia ... when it comes down to it, it's all just land. Beautiful land, people, cultures . . . we are all so different, but oh how similar we all are .

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