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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Not the internet browser...the real deal. Riding in a car with a top hatch, zebras, wildebeast, ostriches, elephants, lions, warthogs all around, land stretching for miles, your breath being

ta k en **
* a w a y .. ... . . . .


I've never seen such things before. We got to spend a day at the Ngorongoro Crater and a morning/afternoon at Tarangire. We leave for Mandaka (a teacher's college at the slopes of Kilimanjaro) in an hour, so I have no time to write about it, but I promise to upon return. For now, I leave you with a funny quote and a sneak peek of photographs to come.

A boy runs up to Andrew after music class and says in a low voice
"Teacher, Sorry about Michael Jackson."
(Godfrey, a 4th grade boy with a knack for making up his own lyrics and rapping them)


Photos from Ngorongoro:
A pack of baboons greeted us upon entering the park. This one's eyes are particularly catching.

We came across an elephant at a watering hole. Notice the hippos to the left, backs just poking out of the water. I could have watched this elephant eat for hours. . . literally. Could have sat there. For hours. And just watched.

The beautiful stripes of zebras~ these guys seem to be everywhere.

The road that stretches for miles in the crater.

Close-up of a female ostrich's feathers.

One word: Simba.

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  1. It is hard to not sit for hours :)

    These pictures are excellent. I wanted to add that one of my favorite parts about such excursions when I went was the creaking wheels of the van as it made its way over the dust and rocks of the Sahara. Got me every time.