Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ciao, Firenze

How do I possibly go about summarizing the past week and a half?? So much has happened, and I've only given you a glimpse of my room (as well as some lasting ties -- pun intended? -- from dear old Tanzania). I can't do everything justice in one long post, so you'll have to keep checking back. THERE IS JUST TOO MUCH TO WRITE ABOUT! ! !

For one, I love my housemates! There are 5 of us, and I am happy because in a program made up 95% of American students, I live with Millie who is from Australia, Justin & Justine (confusing at first) from Malta (a small island south of Italy) and Ezra from southern California. They are collectively and entirely awesome. We get along :) We also got lucky on the housing spectrum and moved into an apartment that at first appeared a mansion. Two floors (well, kind of) and a rooftop with quite the view. We eat lunch up there sometimes.

lunch on the roof

what i see lying on my bed
My ceiling. This is what I see when I look up while lying on my bed.

Neighbors below us...shh !

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