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Monday, September 21, 2009


The more languages and cultures I am exposed to, the more I learn to appreciate their subtleties and differences...especially the simple things. With Swahili, I appreciated the simplicity of the verb "to be" which was always just "ni" no matter the subject. I appreciated how words sounded like they were spelled and how it was (to a certain extent) genderless. No he/she, just "yeye." And here, I appreciate the flow of Italian and the simplicity of creating plurals (relative to German at least!) Every language has it's easy and difficult parts, but you learn to appreciate the best of each. It's the same way with culture. Learn to appreciate more often than complain, and we will go far.

An Italian-speaking girl asked me for directions today. I was flattered but had to respond "non lo so, mi dispiace!" indicating that I had no clue. But still, that must be a good sign :)

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