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Thursday, September 10, 2009

From Blue Walls to Pink

And now it's time to update. I regret that it must be in such an impersonal way, but as I find myself wishing to share my experiences with so many people, and with as little time on my hands as I have and will have, it seems this will be one resort to sharing my experiences with you, whoever you may be.

As you may recall, my Tanzanian room at Guta's apartments had an overall dreamy blue look in the mornings. My room has become my space. The more I move around, the more I feel like I need a niche. I care for it, make it a place where I feel comfortable .. whether doodling, listening to music, staring at the ceiling, singing, stretching, or falling asleep. . . I glimpse it to you here.


From this (which I will never forget) . . .
~ d r e a m s ~
to this

** both like dreams, only this one has just begun.

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