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Friday, September 18, 2009


I am too passionate about everything I've found myself engaged in recently, so I'll have to concentrate on one thing at a time. Today, it will be painting.

I stretched and gessoed my first canvas yesterday. It should be dry and ready for painting today! I also started my first oil painting. It's small and the background is painted my favorite shade of yellow. Like a light leak on color film. My painting class lasts 3 hours twice a week at the 'intermediate/advanced' level. All that really means is that you get to take your work in any which direction you want... whether it be oils, acrylics, still lives, portraits, installation pieces. No concrete assignments, but rather a space where each one of us has the freedom to create. There are 9 of us, working in one large room, just painting. The first stroke felt like my mind was flowing out, the brush becoming an extension of my arm ~~ the colors that I see shooting through my fingertips! Nothing to stop me. So far, my favorite shade of yellow and a mesh of tree fingers. . . and love.

Elmo's Diner ~ best banana pancakes in North Carolina
( the color of the sun ** )

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