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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tiny kitchen, endless possibilities.

spaghetti pomodoro
Cooking has become a daily activity. Food is good everywhere, but expensive... So, we cook! When possible, I try to cook as healthy as possible, true to the way I was raised. Lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, garlic, and very little olive oil. Ezra always looks at my pan & predicts I'll need more (which I usually do). I've moved on from eggplant as a favorite dish to zucchini. If you slice it thinly, prepared with lots of onions, garlic, basil, tomato, & herbs, it comes out delicious. Red wine usually goes really well with the food after all that preparation. . .

twirlred .. red .. wine
Yesterday we decided to have a cooking challenge of sorts. Everyone had to make a dinner dish, the only rule being that you must use oranges. Ezra made chicken fried with thin orange peels, Justin baked chicken with chunks of orange peel and ham on top, and I made a zucchini/mixed vegetable dish with actual pieces of orange. Millie was the judge, but everything was so good that we ended up just all praising each other and high-fiving by candlelight or something romantic like that.

P.s. In case you were wondering, these are all pictures of food I made! :)


  1. look delicious. almost as good as our pasta :P

  2. Mmm, looks delicious. Wish we could come eat with you.