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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"covered in stars"

** with a little help from the green leaves

I've been pretty consistently painting myself with stars and walking around the streets "covered in stars." I don't think most people notice, but sometimes people give funny looks or ask "COSA?" The most interesting part is when I interact with people I know. Sometimes people say that it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and that makes me smile and feel like on some level, they just understand, because this isn't the most common reaction. It usually takes a few moments and suddenly I get the "WAIT WHAT?? Is something wrong with your skin?" And I smile all the same because I know the part where I get to explain is coming up & I love explaining what I'm doing. Each time, I could say something different, because there are hours and hours of conversation attached to the ideas that are swirling in my head. The grand theme being that I just start out tracing over freckles & moles! And already, we have these beautiful patterns that look JUST LIKE STARS !!! To me, I can't ignore this. Is it pure chance that we are freckled in the same way as the night sky? Or is there something there...something greater...some obvious thing which has been hidden beneath our noses............. the way I see it, we are all so connected to each other and nature and this thing we call the universe . . . and our true selves, what we just are as individual human beings is beautiful beyond measure !!! . . .


& I mean that!!! This includes EVERYONE. Not a single soul excluded. Think about that one, for me, please ............... :)

I think that if I flood you with my ideas and thoughts all at once, it might be overwhelming **** so! slowly slowly, pole pole, piano piano . . !

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