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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Grow Till Tall"

I've been looking for a way to incorporate music & song into my creative endeavors, so this is my first go! (Seeing Jónsi LIVE TOMORROW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! !)

A simple performance of one of my favorite songs "Grow Till Tall" by Jónsi ***

Because music has the power to connect us with each other and with the whole universe . . . I hope this video will be a small demonstration of that power!!

Filmed by Patrick John Steiner :)


  1. Marissa you are ABSOLUTELY beautiful, inside and out. I can't express how amazing and refreshing it is to see someone just be completely themselves with out worrying what the world thinks. You've truly inspired me.

  2. This was gorgeous. you have a wonderful voice, and it echos so nicely.