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Friday, July 2, 2010

morning light ** la luce della mattina :)

One of my favorite things about traveling and having lots o' jetlag. I love the waking up early part where the morning light is saying "hey! let me in!" ... or maybe it's just whisperin'. Those moments where you still feel asleep, like reality mingles with dreaming and soft slumber . . . like something magical is happening . . . like anything could happen.
luce della mattina * è magica, no?
There are so many beautiful shots of the morning light (la luce della mattina*) ~ I couldn't choose so if you like 'em, there are more on flickr.

All is well so far. The city is as beautiful and alive as ever... It's amazing being able to return to a foreign city and feel so well acquainted. I walked through the open air market yesterday and one of the old men remembered me and shouted out "Ciao!" ... I think I was beaming... it was just a nice experience. Eccolo! My favorite window is still here!!
my favorite window in all of italy!!!
*grow till tall, lil' plant!

Italy really is a magical place. . . I think these photos are pure evidence!! I didn't even have to do anything .. just look, breathe, capture.

A prestissimo,

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