Sunday, July 4, 2010


suki, i missed you!!!
Remember her?!?!?!? Patrick kept her for safe for me at his B&B (Le Tre Stanze!) and she stayed alive!!! She was fading pretty quickly by the time I left in December... Her flowers were all dying and things didn't look too good. I told him that if she didn't survive, she should be taken to the sea and released into the ocean. (So maybe that's a tiny bit dramatic, but it is what I said! ^.^) But I had faith in her & she survived !!! Look at all her new little buds * * she is very much alive & I was SO happy to see her !!

Suki is Alive!!!

Believe it or not, I have never really been a "plant" person. Suki is the first one I bought for myself... And now I proudly "own" three (you can't really own any piece of the earth!) ** Suki in Italy, "Ishima" (a miniature rose plant), and "Rafiki Tzatziki" (A BONSAI MAPLE TREE!) ... I LOVE MINIATURE THINGGGGGS.

*alive & wigglin'

Do you know that I found out that Suki means "I LIKE" in Japanese.... What a perfect name :)
Sono contenta!!!

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